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When I was younger I used to record a few years of my life in diaries - something my aunt had encouraged when she got me my first little notepad from the Aquarium gift shop. I wrote in it and found it extremely helpful. After I had read Anne Frank's diary I carried on writing in my own but changing 'Dear Diary' to 'Dear Kitty' after hers.

After a while I had dropped off writing about my life, I didn't feel like it was important enough and I didn't like the idea of writing in it anymore because too many hard things were coming about in my life. I shut down for a little bit.

In my mid-teens I joined Blogger and I liked the idea of having some place my own again when things got tough. I liked the idea of having somewhere I could write down the thoughts that were going to explode out of my head. Usually these were bad thoughts or negative things that were happening in my life caused by myself or others. I needed an outlet a lot of the time as I didn't have someone close enough to talk to these things about.
 However, I do regret, looking back, that I didn't take the time to write down some happy memories too.
 After a while I tried to forget about those events and abandoned my account and blogs and left them untouched for years.

It was last year when I rejoined the scene because I wanted to read. I wanted to read about the life of others. I have always been so fascinated by other interesting people. So I deleted my whole inactive reading list and actively found some others. I joined a website called pickablogger.com which then opened up a world of blogs I could never have imagined existing. I found giveaways and linkys and starting blogging acrively. I tried to find pictures for my posts and mine are taken off of my phone and aren't the best.

Looking at other blogs I saw they were making money and guest posting and they were good at it. I wanted that. So I tried a harder until I got a bit lost in wanting to just make money. My blogging was becoming no longer for me, but for an audience who weren't even invested in me.
So I stopped. Took a step back, talked to a friend, and decided that I will blog whatever works for me first and not for a currently non-existant audience.

So at the moment that's where I'm at. I am taking a leap of faith and investing into my blog as a business, and working on it to make it better. It is also for me to look back on as an achievement of all of what I put on here. I want whatever is on here to help anyone who is reading it (you!). I want to make a difference in my own way.

I'd like to remain fairly anonymous but as the facts go... I am Conflicted Orange. I like to write, I have a lovely husband and a cheeky baby. These are the few segments of my life.

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