Saturday 2 January 2016

To Mum

I often think about death and about you
I think how much you'll meet too soon

I don't want to think about it because you are too dear to me
I want you to stay with me forever please

You have done everything for me and I want you to know
That I will be forever grateful even if it doesn't show

I want to hug you tight and never let go
But you would get claustrophobic and shake me so

I hope like everyone says that time will fly
Because im getting upset without your goodnights

I miss you too much and hope you come back soon
I hope you're having a good time - don't forget to look for the moon!

I love you too much you are my best friend
But all of this is driving me right round the bend

This is getting off hand I should probably stop
But not before explaining that my heart is in a knot

There are too many mixed feelings when you left me today
I was too happy for you but I wanted you to stay

I hope you come back with Nür in your face
A happiness within you that other people would have to chase

I want you to have everything your heart desires
So I pray for you always that Jannah is where you retire

I will always ask that when you meet death soon
Allaah will only take you when He's most happiest with you

I hope you can understand that when you ask things twice
Its only because I think your voice is so nice!

I want only the best for you and sometimes that doesn't include me
But I hope one day you will be set free

I want you to know you are my very best friend
I love you so much I won't pretend

I'm really going now - and this is my final goodbye
I love you so much and that's never a lie.
Midwife and Life


  1. This said everything that was going through my mind when my mum was in hospital with a stroke. Alhamdulillah she is fine now but her end of this dunya does come into my world and the end part helped me realise that when it is her time to go ill be in peace to know that He will take her when He is most happiest with her.
    Thank you sister :')

    1. Assalaamu alaykum, this message really touched my heart.

      May Allaah grant your mother shifaa, guide your family to the straight path and ease your affairs, Ameen.

      BaarakAllaahu feek.

  2. Such lovely sentiment, you must miss her very much x Thank you for linking up to #showandtell

  3. This is a lovely message. I miss my parents as we live in different continents, too far away, and maybe I should tell them how much I appreciate them more often. #showandtell

    1. Thank you! I think the message every now & then doesn't hurt to tell how much you miss a person - no matter how far away they are!