Monday 28 December 2015

Chicco Hoopla Bouncer Review

This is the bouncer I decided to buy before my baby was born. I did plan on getting a different colour to the staple blue, but there wasn't any in stock (too popular!) and so it was settled on this one as second best. 

I liked this bouncer above and beyond all as it was quite important to have a few different toys and not the typical ones. I wanted something fairly inexpensive and not something that was going to move too much so when Baby got older they would just rock themselves into an upside-down position. 

My reasons to declare love on this baby item:

  1. I like the fact that the material can all come off and be washed. 
  2. I like the fact that it has handles on the side to carry it around everywhere - something that is exceptionally useful. 
  3. I like the fact that it has feet that fold in so if you're not bothered to carry (like me) you can just drag Baby everywhere. 
  4. I like that fact that it also has feet to stay in one position. 
  5. I like the fact that it has 3 positions - lying down, slightly upright and completely upright. 
  6. I like the toys they're soft and spongy and the extra holes allow for more toys to be squeezed into the slightly stiff holes (when you first get it - they loosen up as time goes on but don't get ruined!). 

I love this bouncer. It's ended up doubling as a high-chair for when I first started weaning and I didn't see the point of a high-chair (and still don't even though I've been gifted a hand-me-down from a cousin).

It has survived pools of dribble and blobs of carrot, sweetcorn and whatever other vegetable puree that missed Baby's mouth or was spat out).

For those mums already out there - what has been your favourite bouncer? What have you considered? And what was a complete dud?

So now that you've read all the reasons why I love the bouncer, maybe you should consider buying it for your little one. Here's the cheapest price I could find.


  1. It looks great - and sounds like it's up for the job too, and more. What a bonus :) #TheList

    1. Really is! I'm so surprised its actually lasted this long as I thought it would get put away at 6 months!