Monday 18 January 2016

eBay Eyeliners: Yay or Nay?

I recently purchased some eyeliners from eBay. I was just having a look at their selection/price range and because I'm on a tight budget (cheap cheap), but needed black eyeliner I decided to get 3. I tend to use pencil as this feels best on my skin. I need something that's going to come off pretty easily when I need it to, but doesn't smudge and make me look crazy when I need it to last!

1. KRAZY GIRL perfect eyeliner pencil in sparkly black

I must admit this is a really cute idea for eyeliner pencil - I definitely liked the idea of the sparkliness and the sharpener in the pencil lid. It's quite a tall pencil, so room for lots of use and when sharpened gave a nice line. The description says 'waterproof & longlasting'.

Unfortunately this wasn't as longlasting as it did smudge after about 4/5 hours but did stay on for about 6/7 hours. It's not waterproof as water did smudge it off once I had washed my face and makeup wipes had gotten rid of the rest. The sparkliness also couldn't be seen on the eyelid and was only visible on the actual pencil and as a swatch on my hand.

Not the best buy to be very honest - 5/10

2. KG Contour Ultra Black

A smaller pencil than the before described as khol eyeliner pencil. It claims it has 'intense colour in just 1 stroke and up to 16h wear'. A tall order for any eyeliner! It's a lovely pigmented black colour and is very smooth on the eye. This does smudge quite easily, however, but did last for 6 hours I wore it. It is not waterproof and does come off easier than the Krazy Girl eyeliner, but the pigment stayed for longer. Better than the previous eyeliner, but did not reach for my expectations of smudging so easily.


3. Avon always on point eyeliner.  
Avon's eyeliner that I accidentally got in the colour Emerald! I didn't realise when I bought it and got very confused when I saw it. This is a reflective eyeliner, made in Germany and has a sharpener in the lid so every time you use it has that cute little point as pictured above. It has the texture of a crayon matching Avon's Glimmersticks.

This is by far my most favourite out of 3 and has bumped into one of my favourite eyeliners. The application is smooth, and it is so much easier to get the 'perfect winged eyeliner' out of this than most other pencil eyeliners (and sometimes liquid!). This lasted for a total of 8/9 hours without smudging. It was the most 'waterproof' of all the eyeliners and can be removed easily with makeup wipes/oil, etc. I will say, however, that with certain eyeshadows the smudging then begins, but nowhere near as much as the other 2.


Overall, I would say these were as good as their price - which was cheap. I didn't set out to buy these thinking they would be very good - the best eyeliners you could ever find!!!!!! - I bought them because I'm cheap and I don't want to spend money.
I wasn't looking for especially longlasting - I was looking for part of the day/evening. For my wants and needs they're okay - in the case of the avon brand, very good.

I'm so basic when it comes to these things and I don't want to delve into the world of makeup (I'll never get back out of the hole otherwise). I'm good with the makeup I have and I look good in it. :)

What's your favourite makeup brands? Have you ever bought something for cheap and had been delightfully surprised by the results? What's the worst makeup you've bought?

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  1. I'm rubbish at eyeliner. I'd love to perfect the beautiful line across the lash and wing but I'm useless. I recently bought some Avon mascara from a rep at work & it's amazing I was super surprised. #thelist Lifeinthemumslane

    1. Usually I am too, but I've been really enjoying the Avon eyeliner - it makes it seem so effortless and before it I always used to battle between making it look symmetrical! Avon is pretty great!

    2. I do love a good bargain! I always swear by Leichner foundation; it's like £3 a tub and lasts ages. :D #thelist

    3. Wow! I've never heard of the brand before, definitely going to check that out!!