Thursday 5 May 2016

What's Cooking Thursday #2: Lactose-Sensitive Marble Cake!

This recipe comes from The Guardian I tried and tested it and it worked perfectly. I chose to use a cake tin however instead of a loaf one and it came out great for a first go!

I decided to then go on a mission and feed everyone this delicious marble cake so I made multiple! One managed to sink, but still tasted good apparently!

I have a family member who has a lactose sensitivity. It basically means that he has a bit of a bad reaction to some dairy products but can have fresh whole milk & yoghurt from the farm and eggs are fine.

This recipe includes butter, creme fraiche, milk and dark chocolate. These were the four things that I needed to find alternatives for.
 Butter was fine as I knew of Flora's Vitalite - I didn't find this however on the few occasions I looked for it and settled on some vegan margarine instead.

The milk wasn't a problem as there are many alternatives such as soya milk, coconut milk, almond milk, etc.

The creme fraiche I knew alpro has a version of, but I couldn't seem to find it whenever I went looking for it. I settled on  coconut yoghurt. I didn't particularly like the taste and it was a bit strong if you were to use it in the recipe as is. However I put in 25g of extra sugar (so instead of 175 I put 200g of sugar while making this) and this balanced the taste wonderfully - you couldn't even tell!

The chocolate I ended up looking at (for ages, ask my husband!) was made just with soya and no milk - even though the allergy warnings still applied.

And it turned out brilliant!

Do you have anyone that you need to make things for especially lactose intolerance, gluten-free, etc? Do you have trouble finding alternatives? How do you make the alternatives work just as great as the original?


  1. Well done for finding dairy free alternatives, it's very time consuming! I'm currently dairy free while breastfeeding for a while and it's much harder than I thought! Cake looks delicious!

    1. It is a bit time consuming but was fun to challenge myself a little bit! I can't imagine going dairy-free here's hoping you have found good enough alternatives for now!