Saturday 20 December 2014

Conversation with a friend

There was a quote from tumblr about one person asking why do the best people die
And the other persons says when you go to a field of flowers which ones do you pick
The answer being the prettiest
And i think thats a crap question and its a crap answer in that context
It goes well with things that we like personally in life though
We pick the things we find prettiest and then they get taken away because they wilt
The thing betweens you wilts
And its not a bad thing
It just has to happen in a lot of cases
Lots of things wilt
So you have to keep picking
And you shouldnt betray that thing before its time is up
You have to let it run its course
And enjoy it
And when it goes then mourn it and move on
And when another thing crops up and it looks like a past one you have to make a decision whether theyre worth picking and if you cant find anything wrong with the thing itself then not to be clouded by how you felt with those last wilted things
Its good to let things play out and to enjoy it and its important to learn not to get tangled up like you did previously. Everything happened for a reason


  1. Eeek I remember this so well - with my first (an unexpected bundle of joy) I told my mum sobbing - she made me pull myself together and in only the way a mother could told me the best thing in my life was about to happen and then I ended up telling my dad over the phone when he was in the bath because my mum just handed it over!(he was surprisingly calm and reacted with an 'oh really - well how lovely' lol With my second the reactions were far more predictable and the timing of the phone calls much better he he! Enjoy letting people know - your forming the very first memories you will associate with tiny feet and the skip hop your heart has when you think about these moments can be felt by the little one- just simply the best feeling in the world x

    1. Dads reactions are so hilarious - they're very blase about it sometimes. I think a lot of men are like that where they're not expressive, not in a rude way but more like you know that they don't really know what to say kind of way (if that makes sense!)

      I'm sure the second time round everyone was prepared for that news and probably will be the same for me too! :)

      Those memories are so cute, I love looking back on them now that I have the bundle of joy (or rather shrieking bundle of baby now).

      P.S. think you were meant to comment on one of the other posts, took me a minute to realise what you were talking about, haha! x